About Radcliffe and Associates

About Us

Radcliffe and Associates have deep roots in Nebraska politics. The preceding firm, Tews and Radcliffe, had David Tew as a senior partner. He served in the Nebraska Legislature in the 1950’s. Walt Radcliffe practiced law with Max Kier, a former Speaker of Nebraska’s bicameral legislature in the 1930’s, and Roland Luedtke, former Speaker, Lt. Governor, and Mayor of Lincoln. Radcliffe also served as Assistant Clerk to the Legislature, Counsel to the Speaker, Counsel to the Judiciary Committee, and Counsel to the Banking, Commerce, and Insurance Committee. Korby Gilbertson joined the firm as an attorney and lobbyist in 1996 after being part of the support staff for Radcliffe and Associates for seven years. Justin Brady joined the firm as an attorney and lobbyist in 2003 after being part of the support staff for five years.

Our Approach

We conduct our basic and political programs with the overall goal of furthering the interests of our clients. We implement political strategy through an integrated and multidisciplinary approach. We work with lobbyists, lawyers, technicians, elected officials, administrators, and various subject matter specialists in order to provide the most accurate information. Working with various government entities, we strive to educate policy makers and decision-makers by being a dependable source of valuable information. This methodology helps to foster teamwork, responsibility, innovation, trust, and communication throughout all projects and tasks.